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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Nortel Communications Server 1000

Nortel Communications Server 1000

Nortel Communications Server 1000

For clients using Avaya "Blue" products (Nortel products), ACSI supports Communications Server 1000 (CS1k)- a tightly integrated access element of the Avaya Aura® communications platform. The Avaya Communication Server 1000 is a full-featured IP-distributed telephony communications system. It provides the benefits of a converged network, with consolidated routing, dial plan, and system management.

The common network enables investment protection and easy transition. Integration with Avaya Aura® provides multi-vendor networking, unified management, and collaboration and customer service applications. This Avaya solution also supports context-aware communications using any media, centrally deployed conferencing, federated presence, and IM.

The Communication Server 1000 delivers reliability, redundancy, and built-in next-generation E911. Scale from hundreds to more than 40,000 users on a single server. Support business-critical applications, including unified messaging, conferencing, customer contact center, and IVR.

For additional information on this and other Avaya "Blue" solutions, please contact us at (800) 331-2795- thank you.

Customers currently using legacy Nortel Communications System such as any CS1000E/S/M, Meridian OPT11-81C, BCM, and Norstar should contact a solutions specialist to receive the most current information on the solutions available that are relative to their exact situation.