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Products by Type

By offering a complete set of quality communications products, ASCI is able to deliver technology products that support a variety of different requirements. We provide voice, data, IP, SIP, and Wireless communications systems and telephony hardware that can be used not only to build communications infrastructures but also to support a variety of business applications and users. From servers, gateways, switches, and routers to applications and End User devices such as telephones, headsets, and PDAs- you can count on ACSI to deliver the products you need, when you need them. Contact Us today for pricing or to find out more information about the types of products we can provided.

Unified Communications

Telephony Solutions
Voice, Data, Video, Security, and Messaging Product Suites

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Infrastructure Gear

Rack, Cabinet, Cable & Cable management, Intercom, Paging, Jacks, Testing, and Power Conditioning Products

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Phones and Headsets

Wired & Wireless
Analog, Digital, IP, SIP, and DECT terminals

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Phone Systems

VoIP products as well as traditional TDM type PBX and Key Systems

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Data Networking

Ethernet Switching, Router, and Security Products

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