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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: Avaya Products

Repairs: Avaya Products

Below is a list of manufactured products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs, services, and sells.

Partner / Partner Plus
Partner II
Partner ACS
Partner Telephones
Merlin 208\410\820
Merlin 820 Plus
Merlin 1030/3070
Merlin II
Merlin Telephones
Merlin Legend
Merlin Magix
Legend Telephones
Spirit 616
Spirit 1224/2448
System 75

Partner ACS Hardware
Partner ACS Rx.x Processor Module
Partner ACS 308EC R3.0 Expansion Module
Partner ACS 0x12 Expansion Module
Partner ACS 2-Slot Carrier
Partner ACS 5-Slot Carrier

AT&T Partner Hardware
Partner Rls x.x CPU
Partner Plus Rls x.x CPU
Partner II Rls x.x CPU
Partner II Rls x.x Expansion CPU
Partner 206 Rls x.x control unit
Partner 206E Module
Partner 200E Module
Partner 400E Module
Partner 206EC Module
Partner 400EC Module
Partner Carrier
Partner Module Connector
Partner VS Mail Rls x.x
Partner Messaging Rx
MLS-34D Telephone
MLS-18D Telephone
MLS-12D Telephone
MLS-12 Telephone
MLS-6 Telephone
CA-24 Call Assistant
Partner 34D Telephone
Partner 18D Telephone
Partner 18 Telephone
Partner 6 Telephone
Partner CA-48 Call Assistant

Partner Telephones
Partner II 34D Telephone
Partner II 18D Telephone
Partner II 6D Telephone

Merlin 820D
Merlin 1030/3070

Merlin 206 Control Unit
Merlin 410 Control Unit
Merlin 820 Control Unit
Merlin 820 Power Supply
Merlin Feature Package 1
Merlin Feature Package 2
Merlin Music on Hold Page Cartridge
Merlin Extra Alert Power Failure Cartridge
Merlin 2 X 5 Expansion Module
Merlin 2 Line Expansion Module
Merlin 5 Voice Terminal Module
Merlin Plus Control Unit
Merlin Plus Release 2 Control Unit
Merlin Plus 4-Line Expansion Card
Merlin Plus10-Station Expansion Card
Merlin Plus Rel. 1 Memory Module
Merlin Plus Rel. 2 Memory Module
Merlin Plus Power Supply
Merlin 1030 Control Unit
Merlin 1030 Expansion Unit
Merlin 1030 Power Supply
Merlin 1030 Processor Module
Merlin 1030 Feature Module 2
Merlin 1030 Feature Module 3
Merlin 1030 Feature Module 4
Merlin 1030 Feature Module 5
Merlin 1030 10-Voice Terminal Module
Merlin 1030 5-Line Module
Merlin 1030 10-Basic Telephone Module

Merlin II
Merlin Legend

Legend Control Unit
Legend Expansion Unit
Legend Power Supply
Legend Processor Rx Module
008 ATL Module
008 MLX Module
008 OPT Module
012 T\R Module
016 T\R Module
100D Module
400 GS\LS\TTR Module
400 EM Module
408 GS\LS ATL Module
408 GS\LS MLX Module

408 GS\LS-ID MLX Module
800 GS\LS Module
800 GS\LS-ID Module
007 MLM Legend Mail Module
Merlin II Control Unit
Merlin II Expansion Unit
Merlin II Processor FMx Module
Merlin II Power Supply
408 4-Line/8-Station Module
008 8-Station Module
800 8-Line Module
400 4-Line Module w/TT Receivers
012 12-Basic Telephone Module

Merlin Telephones
Merlin 5 Button Set
Merlin 10 Button Set
Merlin 34 Button Set
Merlin 34 Button Set W\Speaker
Merlin 34 Button Deluxe Set
Merlin HAFI 10 Set
Merlin BIS-10 Set
Merlin BIS-22 Set
Merlin BIS-22 Display Set
Merlin BIS-34 Set
Merlin BIS-34 Display Set
40 Button Selector Console
Merlin Display Console

Legend MLX Telephones
MLX-28D Set
MLX-20L Set
MLX-16D Set
MLX-16DP Set
MLX-10 Set
MLX-10D Set
MLX-10DP Set
MLX-5 Set

Spirit 308 Control Unit
Spirit 616 Expansion Unit
Spirit 1224 Control Unit
Spirit 2448 Expansion Unit
Spirit 1224/2448 Power Supply
Spirit 4-Line Expansion Card
Spirit 8-Station Expansion Card
Spirit Processor Card
Spirit 6 Button Phone
Spirit 24 Button Phone
Spirit 48 Button Attendant

Melin Magix
Majix Control Unit
Majix Expansion Unit
Processor Rx.x
491D1 Power Supply
412 TDL Module
024 TDL Module
412 GS/LS-ID/MLX Module
100D Module
008 MLX Module
016 MLX Module
016 ETR Module
016 TIP/RING Module
4424LD+ Telephone
4424D+ Telephone
4412D+ Telephone
4406D+ Telephone
4400D+ Telephone
4400 Telephone
DSS 4450

Merlin Messaging
7102A Single Line Analog Phone
7101A Single Line Analog w/Msg
7203H 10 Button Hybrid Phone
7205H 40 Button Hybrid Phone
7303S 10 Button Hybrid Speaker Phone
7305S 40 Button Speaker Phone
7401D Single Line Digital Phone
7403D 10 Button Digital Phone
7404D 6 Button Digital Phone
7405D 34 Button Digital Phone
7406-xxxx 22 Button Display Phone
7407-D02D 49 Btn Digital Display Phone(+)
7410-D01A 10 Btn Digital Phone
7434-D01A 34 Btn Digital Phone
7444D 49 Btn Digital Phone
8101A Single Line Phone
8110A Single Line Phone
8102A Single Line Digital Phone
8405D 5 Button Digital Display Phone
8410 10 Button Digital Phone
8410D 10 Button Digital Display Phone
8434 DX 34 Button Digital Display Phone
6402D Digital Phone
6408+ 8 Button Digital Phone
6408D+ 8 Button Digital Display Phone
6414D 14 Button Digital Phone
6416D 16 Button Digital Display Phone
6424D 24 Button Digital Display Phone