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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: Iwatsu Products

Repair Iwatsu Products

Below is a complete listing of the Iwatsu products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs.

Omega III
ET-2460-KSU 24x60 Key Service Unit
PWA-S Power Supply
MPU Central Processor Card
MEM Memory Unit
VTA Analog Control Unit
COT 2 Ckt Line Card
SUB 4 Ckt Station Card
XPS-1 Crosspoint Card
ET-816/2460 Phone ET-816/2460 Phone

Omega IV EX
EX-616-KSU 6x16 Key Service Unit
EX-824-KSU 8x24 Key Service Unit
PWS-M 616 Power Supply
HCPU-S High Feature CPU
MISC-S Miscellaneous Card
4LST-S 4 Ckt Loop Start Line Card
KTSC-S 4 Port Station Card
VTCU-M Voice /Tone Control Unit
CTRK-M Trunk Card
SUBK-M Station Card
EX-616-xxx Omega 616 Telephone
EX-824/1648 Key Phone EX-824/1648 Key Phone
EX-824/1648 Key LCD Phone EX-824/1648 Key LCD Phone

Omega IV ZT
ZT-616-KSU 6x16 Key Service Unit
ZT-PWSA 616 Power Supply
MCPU-HW MF Hybrid CPU Card
COTL8 8 Ckt CO Card
COTL6 6 Ckt CO Card
COTL4 4 Ckt CO Card
KTSB8 8 Port Station Card
SLKT8 8 Port OPX Card
SLSB8 8 Port SLT Card
ZT-6K 6 Btn Standard Phone
ZT-6D 6 Btn Display Phone
ZT-8K 8 Btn Standard Phone
ZT-8D 8 Btn Display Phone
ZT-12K 12 Btn Standard Phone
ZT-12D 12 Btn Display Phone
ZT-24K 24 Btn Standard Phone
ZT-24D 24 Btn Display Phone
ZT-32C 32 Btn DSS/BLF Unit