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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: NEC Products

Repairs: NEC Products

Below is a complete listing of the manufactured products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs.

Electra 616
Electra 1648
Mark II
Electra 8/24
Professional Level I
Professional Level II & III
NEAX 2400
NEAX 1000/2000

Electra 616
ES-6-1 6x16 Key Service Unit
PS-6-1 Power Supply
MFI-S 3 Ckt DTMF Card
DCI-S 3 Ckt Dial Pulse Card
KSI-S 8 Ckt Station Card
SWM-S Switch Matrix Card
PBS-S External Page/BLF Card
AHR-S Automatic Hold Release Card
DPH-S Door Phone Interface Unit
CPU-SA Central Processor Card
CLK-S Clock/Tone Generator Card
ET-6-x Standard Telephone
ET-6H-x Handsfree Telephone

Electra 1648
ES-16-3 8x16 Key Service Unit
ES-48/32 4x16 Expansion Unit
PS-16-1 Power Supply
PS-48/32-1 Expansion Power Supply
COI-NB 4 Ckt Line Card
DC-N Dial 4 Ckt Pulse Card
MFC-NA 4 Ckt DTMF Card
DSI-N DSS Console Interface Card
KSI-NX 4 Ckt Station Card
SLI-NB 4 Ckt SLT Card
MFR-N 2 Ckt SLT Receiver Card
SW-N Switching Matrix Card
EP-N External Paging Card
AHR-N Automatic Hold Release
CP-NX Central Processor Card
IO-N Input Output Card
TNG-NA Tone Generator Card
PFT-NX Power Fail Transfer Card
ET-8-x 8 Line Telephone
ET-16-x 16 Line Telephone
ET-16H-x 16 Line Handsfree Telephone
ET-16D-x 16 Line Display Telephone
ED-48-x DSS/BLF Console

Mark II
ESE-32 Base Key Service Unit
PSE-AD-1 Power Supply
CPU-Ex Central Processor Card
TSW-E Time Division Switch Card
COI-E 4 Ckt Line Card
ESI-Ex 4 Ckt Station Card
SLI-Ex 4 Ckt SLT Station Card
CNF-E Conference Card
RSG-E Ring Generator
HFU-E Handsfree Unit
ETE-6-X 6 Line Telephone
ETE-6D-x 6 Line Display Telephone
ETE-16-x 16 Line Telephone
ETE-16D-x 16 Line Display Telephone
ETE-16K-x 16 Line Directory Telephone
ETE-1-x Single Line Telephone
EDE-30-1 30 Button Add On

Electra 8/24
ESZ-8 Key Service Unit
EXK-Z 2x6 Expansion Card
EXS-Z 2(Co)x3(Key)x3(SLT) Exp Card
DPH-Z Door Phone Security Alarm Unit
ESP-Z Speaker Key Phone Unit
SMDR-Z Station Message Detail Recorder
PFT-Z Power Fail Transfer Unit
HFU-Z Handsfree Unit
ADA-Z Ancillary Device Adapter
ETZ-16-1 Standard Telephone
ETZ-16D-1 Display Telephone
EDZ-24-1 DSS/BLF Console
DP-A-1 Doorphone

Professional Level I
ESF-C-10 4x8 Key Service Unit
PSF-C-10 Power Supply Unit
ESI-C(8)-11 8 Ckt Electronic Station Unit
COI-C(2)-10 2 Ckt Loop Start Unit
COI-C(2A)-10 2 Ckt Loop Start Unit
PBR-C(4)-11 4 Ckt DTMF Receiver Unit
SLT-F(1G)-10 Single Line Adapter Unit

Professional Level II & III
ESF-H-10 KSU Basic/Exp Key Service Unit
PSF-H-20 PSU Power Supply Unit
CPU-F( )-20 KTU Central Processing Unit
MMC-F-11 KTU Module Memory Controller
ESI-F(8)-21 KTU 8 Ckt Electronic Station Interface
SLI-F(8G)-21 KTU 8 Ckt SLT/VM Interface
COI-F(4)-20 KTU 4 Ckt Loop/GND Start Trunk
COI-F(4)-30 KTU 4 Ckt Loop/GND Start Trunk
COI-F(8)-20 KTU 8 Ckt Loop/GND Start Trunk
COI-F(8)-30 KTU 8 Ckt Loop/GND Start Trunk
DID-F( )-10 KTU 4 Ckt DID Line Interface
TLI-F( )-10 KTU 2 Ckt E&M Interface

Professional Telephones
DTU-8-( ) 8 Btn Multiline Terminal
DTU-16-( ) 16 Btn Multiline Terminal
DTU-16D-( ) 16 Btn Display Multiline Terminal
DTU-32-( ) 32 Btn Multiline Terminal
DTU-32D-( ) 32 Btn Display Multiline Terminal
ETW-8-( ) 8 Line Multiline Terminal w/ HF
ETW-16D-( ) 16 Line Display Terminal w/ HF
ETW-16DD-( ) 16 Line Display Terminal w/ HF
ETW-24DS-( ) 24 Line Display Terminal w/ HF
ETW-48-( ) 48 Line Add On Console
DCU-60-( ) Electra Elite Attendant Console

Neax 2400
ETT-4-1 Dterm 4 Line Telephone
ETT-8-1 Dterm 8 Line Telephone
ETT-16-1 Dterm 16 Line Display Telephone
EDT-24-1 Dterm 24 Line Add On
PA-AL00 ALMC Processor Alarm Spr.
PA-CP01/09 CPU Central Processing Unit
PA-IO02 IOC Input/Output Control Unit
PA-ME05/11 MEM Memory Package
PA-PC00 INT CPU Interface
PA-PW03 DC-DC Converter
PA-4/8COT 4/8COT 4/8 Ckt Both-way Ckt
PA-4DLC 4DLC 4 Ckt LC for DF TEL
PA-16LCG 16LC 16 Ckt Line Package
PA-8DLC 8DLC * Ckt LC for DF TEL

Neax 1000/2000
DPT-8-1 8 Line Multiline Terminal
DPT-8D-1 8 Line Display Multiline Terminal
DPT-16-1 16 Line Multiline Terminal
DPT-16D-1 16 Line Display Multiline Terminal
DPT-32-1 32 Line Multiline Terminal
DPT-32D-1 32 Line Display Multiline Terminal
DSS/BLF Console
ETJ-8-1 8 Line Multiline Terminal
ETJ-16DC-1 16 Line Display Multiline Terminal
ETJ-16DD-1 16 Line Display Multiline Terminal
ETJ-24DS-1 24 Line Display Multiline Terminal
SN610 ATTCON Attendant Console