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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs of Nortel Telecom Products

Repair of Nortel Communications Equipment

Below is a listing of some of the Nortel products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs, services, and sells.

Meridian 1 Cards and Phones
Norstar 3x8/6x16/8x24
Business Communication Manager (BCM)
Norstar Telephones
Nortel IP Phones

Meridian 1 Aries Digital Phones
M2009 Telephone
M2018 Telephone
M2112 Telephone
M3000 Telephone
M2317 Telephone
M2006 6 Btn Phone
M2006 Aries II 6 Btn Phone
M2008 8 Btn Phone
M2008 Aries II 8 Btn Phone
M2008D 8 Btn Display Phone
M2008D 8 Aries II 8 Btn Display Phone
M2008HF Aries II 8 Btn Speakerphone
M2008DHF Aries II 8 Btn Display Speakerphone
M2616 16 Btn Speakerphone
M2616 Aries II 16 Btn Speakerphone
M2616D 16 Btn Display Speakerphone
M2616D Aries II 16 Btn Display Speakerphone
M2216 16 Btn ACD Phone
M2216 Aries II 16 Btn ACD Phone
M2216D 16 Btn ACD Display Phone
M2216D Aries II 16 Btn ACD Phone
M3901 Single Line Digital Phone
M3902 Standard Digital Phone
M3903 2 Enhanced Digital Phone
M3904 6 Professional Digital Phone

Analog/Centrex Phones
M5009 9 Btn Centrex Phone
M5112 9 Btn Hands-free Centrex Phone
M5209 9 Btn Centrex Display Phone
M5312 9 Btn Hands-free Centrex Display Phone
M5308 8 Btn Centrex Phone
M5316 16 Btn Centrex Display Phone
M8003 Single Line Phone
M8009 Single Line Phone
M8314 1 Line Phone
M8317 2 Line Phone
M8417 2 Line Phone
M9216 1 Line Phone
M9316 1 Line Phone
M9416 1 Line Caller ID Phone
M9417 2 Line Caller ID phone
M9516 1 Line Caller ID Phone W/Answering Machine

Meridian 1 Hardware
NT8D02 Digital Line Card
NT8D03 Analog Line Card
NT8D09 Analog Message Waiting Line Card
NT8D14 Universal Line Card

Norstar 3x8 / 6x16 / 8x24
NT5B05xxx 3x8 Key Service Unit
NT5B01xxx 6x16 Key Service Unit
NT5B20xxx 8 X 24 Key Service Unit
NT5B10xxx 616 Software Cartridge
NT5B11xxx 4x8 Software Cartridge
NT5B13xxx 616 Software Cartridge
NT5B24xxx 824 Software Cartridge
NT5B25xxx 824 Software Cartridge
NT5B29xxx 824 Software Cartridge
NT5B30xxx 824 Software Cartridge
NT5B26 2 Port Expansion Cartridge
NT5B27 6 Port Expansion Cartridge
NT5B32 Copper Trunk Module
NT5B35 4 Port LS Trunk Card
NT5B37 4 Port DID Trunk Cartridge
NT5B38 2 Port E&M DISA Trunk Cartridge
NT5B40 4 Port LS\DS Trunk Cartridge
NT5B41 4 Port LS\DS CID Trunk Cartridge
NT7B75 4 Port LS\DS Trunk Cartridge
NT5B50 0x16 Copper Station Module
NT8B80 RAD Remote Maintenance Device
NT8B90 ATA Analog Terminal Adapter
NT5BXXX Applications Module Copper (NAM)
NT5B06xxx Flash Voice Mail
NT8B88 Caller ID Module

NT7B58 Compact ICS KSU
NT7B53 Modular ICS 0x32 KSU
NTBB04 CICS 8 Port Expansion Cartridge
NT7B64 MICS x.x Software
NT7B65 CICS x.x Software
NTBB02 2 Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge
NTBB06 6 Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge
NTBB24 Services Cartridge
NTBB25 6 Port Fiber Combo Expansion Cartridge
NTBB07 6 Port Copper Expansion Cartridge
NTBB20 Fiber Trunk Module
NTBB41 Fiber Station Expansion Module
NTBB51 Fiber Single Line Expansion Module
NT7B75 4 Port LS\DS Trunk Cartridge
NT7B75AAA 4 Port LS\DS CID Trunk Cartridge
NT5B37 4 Port DID Trunk Cartridge
NT5B38 2 Port E&M DISA Trunk Cartridge
NT5B41 Caller ID Trunk Cartridge
NT7B69 Global Trunk Card
NT7B74 T1 Trunk Cartridge
NT8B80 RAD Remote Maintenance Device
NT8B90 ATA 2 Analog Terminal Device
NT5B7x Applications Module(NAM)
NTAB9865 Call Pilot 100
NTAB9825 Call Pilot 150

Norstar Telephones
M7324-XX 24 button Telephone
M7310-XX 10 Button Telephone
M7208-XX 8 Button Telephone
M7100-XX 1 Button Telephone
M7310BLF-XX Busy Lamp Module
NT8B41 Key Lamp Module
T7316-XX 16 Button Telephone
T7208-XX 8 Button Telephone
T7100-XX 1 Button Telephone
T7316(E)-XX 16 Button Enhanced Telephone
T24-XX Key Lamp Module

IP Phones
NTDU76 I-2002 IP Telephone
NTDU82 I-2004 IP Telephone
NTDU90BC70 I-2001 IP Telephone
NTDU92 I-2004 IP Telephone
NTDU96 I-2007 IP Telephone
NTYS02xx 1110 IP Telephone
NTYS03xx 1120 IP Telephone
NTYS05xx 1140 IP Telephone
NTYS06xx 1150 IP Telephone
NTYS07xx 1165E IP Telephone
NTYS08xx 1100 Expansion Module
NTYS18xx 1210 IP Telephone
NTYS19xx 1220 IP Telephone
NTYS20xx 1230 IP Telephone
NTYS22xx 1200 Expansion Module

BCM Media Bay Modules (MBM)
NT5B42 4x16 MBM