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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: Panasonic Products

Repairs: Panasonic Products

Below is a complete listing of the manufactured products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs.

KX-TA624 3x8 Key System
KX-TA62460 Door phone/Door Opener Card
KX-TA62470 8 Extension Expansion Card
KX-TA62477 3X8 Expansion Card

KX-T30810 3x8 Key System Unit
KX-T61610 6x16 Key Service Unit
KX-T123210 1232 Key Service Unit
KX-T123211 1232 Key Service Unit
KXT-1232-CPU 1232 Central Processor Unit
KXT-1232-XPSW 1232 Crosspoint Card
KX-T123270 1232 8 Station Card
KX-T123271 1232 4 Station Card
KX-T123280 1232 4 CO Line Card
KX-T123281 1232 2 CO Line Card
KX-T123241 1232 DSS Console Card
KX-T123285 1232 Off Premise Extension Card
KX-T123291 1232 DISA Card
KX-T123292 1232 Outgoing Message Card
KX-T123296 1232 Modem Card
KX-T30860 Door phone Adapter

KX-T30820 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T30830 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T30865 Door phone
KX-T61620 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T61630 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T61631 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T61650 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T61640 DSS Console
KX-T123220 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T123230 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T123235 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T123250 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T7020 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T7030 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T7050 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T7055 EMSS Proprietary Phone
KX-T7130 EMSS Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T7220 Digital Proprietary Phone
KX-T7230 Digital Proprietary Phone w/LCD
KX-T7235 Digital Proprietary Phone w/LRGLCD
KX-T7250 Digital Proprietary Phone

KXT Telephones
KX-TD816 4x8 Digital Super Hybrid System
KX-TD1232 8x16 Digital Super Hybrid System
KX-TD160 Door phone Card
KX-TD170 8 Station Line Unit
KX-TD180 4 CO Line Unit
KX-TD191 DISA Card
KX-TD196 Remote Card

VA-20810 Key Service Unit
VA-20840 Expansion Card
VA-20841 Expansion Card
VA-20860 Door phone Adapter
VA-20861 Door unit
VA-20820 Key Telephone
VA-20821 Key Telephone w/SPU
VA-61410 Key Service Unit
VA-61420 Standard Key Telephone
VA-61421 Standard Key Telephone w/SPU
VA-61422 Standard Key Telephone w/SPU-LCD
VA-61423 Standard Key Telephone w/SPU-BLF
VA-41220 Standard Key Telephone
VA-41221 Standard Key Telephone w/SPU
VA-41222 Standard Key Telephone w/SPU-LCD
VA-20842 Expansion Card I
VA-20843 Expansion Card II
VA-20844 Expansion Card III
VA-20860A Door Phone Expansion Card

VB-42050 DBS 32 Cabinet
VB-43030 DBS 40 Cabinet
VB-43050 DBS 72 Cabinet
VB-43060 DBS-96 Cabinet
VB-42450 CPC-S
VB-42451 CPC-M
VB-43412 CPC-A II
VB-43411 CPC-B
VB-43420 SCC-A
VB-43421 SCC-B
VB-42651 208 Hybrid Expansion Card
VB-43510A 4 Ckt Loop Start Trunk Card
VB-43511A 8 Ckt Loop Start Trunk Card
VB-43541 8 Ckt DID Trunk Card
VB-43611 8 Ckt Digital Station Card
VB-43621A 8 Ckt Analog Station Card
VB-43431 DTMF Receiver
VB-43709 SLT Adapter
VB-2089P SLT Ringer Box
VB-44210-x 16 Btn Standard Phone
VB-44220-x 22 Btn Standard Phone
VB-44223-x 22 Btn Display Phone
VB-44225-x 22 Btn Large Screen Display Phone
VB-44230-x 34 Btn Standard Phone
VB-44233-x 34 Btn Display Phone
VB-44310-x 24 Btn Expansion Module
VB-44320-x 72 Btn DSS/BLF
VB-41200 Digital Single Line Phone
VB-42210x 16 Btn Standard Phone
VB-42211 16 Btn Speakerphone
VB-43220 22 Btn Standard Phone
VB-43223x 22 Btn Display Phone
VB-43225x 22 Btn Large Screen Display Phone
VB-43230 34 Btn Standard Phone
VB-43233x 34 Btn Display Phone
VB-43310 24 Btn Expansion Module
VB-43320 72 Btn DSS/BLF