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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: Trillium Products

Repairs: Trillium Products

Below is a complete listing of the manufactured products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs.

Talk-To 308/616/1032
Panther II

Talk-To 308/616/1032
TR-308-KSU 3x8 Key Service Unit
TR-616-KSU 6x16 Key Service Unit
TR-1032-KSU 10x32 Key Service Unit
TR-308 3 Line Std Phone
TR-308-HF 3 Line Handsfree Phone
TR-616 6 Line Std Phone
TR-616-HF 6 Line Handsfree Phone
TR-1032 10 Line Std Phone
TR-1032-HF 10 Line Handsfree Phone
TR-1032-AT 10 Line Attendant Set

TRP-306-KSU 3x6 Key Service Unit
TRP-612-KSU 6x12 Key Service Unit
TRP-1032-KSU 10x32 Key Service Unit
TRP-2064-M-KSU 10x32 Base Key Service Unit
TRP-2064-E-KSU 1032 Exp Key Service Unit
TRP-306-KSU 3 Line Std Phone
TRP-306-HF 3 Line Handsfree Phone
TRP-306-AT 3 Line Attendant Set

TRP-612 6 Line Std Phone
TRP-612-HF 6 Line Handsfree Phone
TRP-612-AT 6 Line Attendant Set
TRP-1032 10 Line Std Phone
TRP-1032-HF 10 Line Handsfree Phone
TRP-2064 20 Line Std Phone
TRP-2064-HF 20 Line Handsfree Phone


Panther II
TRP-II-820-KSU 8x20 Key Service Unit
TRP-II-1032-KSU 10x32 Key Service Unit
TRP-Display Display Phone