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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: Vodavi

Repairs: Vodavi Products

Below is a complete listing of the manufactured products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs.

Starplus 308 EX
Starplus 616 EX
Starplus 616 Flex
Starplus 1224
Starplus 2448
Starplus Phones
Starplus SPD 1428
Starplus DHS

Starplus 308EX\616EX\616Flex\1224\Flex
SP-30800-EX 3x8 EX Key Service Unit
SP-61600-EX 6x16 EX Key Service Unit
SP-61600-FLEX 6x16 Flex Key Service Unit
SP-61602-xx 6x16 EX Program Cartridge
SP-61620-xx 6x16 Flex Program Cartridge
SP-1200-00 12x24 Key Service Unit
SP-1220-01 12x24 Program Cartridge
SP-61630-00 RCU Real Time Clock Unit
SP-584-00 Single Line Adapter

Starplus 2448
SP-2400-00 Basic Key Service Unit
SP-571-10 Power Supply
SP-574-00 DCU DC-DC Converter
SP-2470-00 EPA External Power Supply
SP-2430-00 CCU Central Control Unit
SP-2431-00 COI 8 CO Interface Board
SP-2432-00 KSB 8 Key Station Interface Board
SP-2433-00 SLT 8 Single Line Interface Board
SP-2435-00 APB Application Board
SP-2436-00 PFT Load Bell Control Board
SP-2473-00 Ring Generator and Message Waiting Board
SP-2434-00 SLU DTMF Receiver Board

Starplus Telephones
SP-61610-XX Basic Key Telephone
SP-61612-XX Enhanced Key Telephone
SP-61614-XX Executive Display Telephone
SP-2410-XX DSS Console
SP-61616-44 Ash Phone Box
1400-00 4x8 Basic System
1431-00 2x4 Expansion Module
1402-00 4x8 Expansion KSU
1432-00 4x8 Expansion Module
1433-00 2x4 SLT Expansion Module
1414-XX 34 Button Executive Display Telephone
1412-XX 34 Button Enhanced Telephone
1411-XX 14 Button Basic Telephone
1410-XX DSS\DLS Console Kit

Starplus DHS
SP-7000-00 Basic KSU 3x8
SP-7100-00 3x8 Expansion Card
SP-7100-10 0x6 Expansion Card
SP-7110-00 Options Module
SP-7420-00 2 Port SLT Adapter
SP-7440-00 2 Port SLT EXP Module
SP-7311-xx DHS Basic Phone
SP-7312-xx DHS Enhanced Phone

TR-5000-00 BKSU (Triad S Basic KSU)
TR-5002-01 EKSU (Triad S Expansion KSU)
TR-5032-00 CKIB (3x8 Digital Station Card)
TR-5033-00 CSIB (3x8 SLT Station Card)
TR-5035-00 MISU (Miscellaneous Interface)
TR-9033-10 DTMF-1 ( 4 Circuit DTMF Receiver)
TR-5030-30 MODU (9600 Baud Modem)
TR-1480-00 TCI (Caller ID Interface)
TR-9011-xx Triad 8 Button Basic Phone
TR-9013-xx Triad 24 Button Enhanced Phone
TR-9014-xx Triad 12 Button Executive Phone
TR-9015-xx Triad 24 Button Executive Phone