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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Repairs: Walker / WIN Communications Products

Repairs: Walker / WIN Communications Products

Below is a complete listing of the manufactured products that American Communications Supply, Inc. repairs.

Poet Plus
Reliant 16
Reliant 32
Reliant 50
Win 36D
Win 100D

BSU Basic Service Unit
LEU Line Expansion Unit
EMC Expansion Matrix Card
P-COU 6 Ckt Line Card
P-STU 12 Ckt Station Card
P-ECU Expansion Control Card
P-CPU Central Processor Card
P-DPI Door phone Interface Card
PS-2A Power Supply
PS-10A Power Supply
PS-10A-BB Power Supply w/Bat Bkup
P-6TEL-x 6 Line Phone
P-18TEL-x 18 Line Phone
P-30TEL-x 30 Line Phone
P-EXEC-x Executive Phone
P-SPB Add-On Speaker Board

E-KSU Key Service Unit
E-ESU Expansion Service Unit
PS-2A Power Supply
PS-10A Power Supply
E-CPU Central Processor
E-ECU Expansion Control Card
E-EMU Expansion Matrix Unit
E-COU 6 Ckt Line Card
E-STU 12 Ckt Station Card
E-6TEL 6 Line Phone
E-6TEL-OA 6 Line Phone W\OHVA
E-18TEL 18 Line Phone
E-18TEL-OA 18 Line Phone W\OHVA
E-30TEL 30 Line Phone
E-30TEL-OA 30 Line Phone W\OHVA
E-EXEC-OA 18 Line Executive Phone
E-MSG-OA 18 Line Display Phone
E-DSS Console
E-SPB Add On Speaker Board

Reliant 16
MK-6A Key Service Unit
PS-6A Power Supply
PS-10A Power Supply
MFC-10A 4 Ckt DTMF Line Card
MFC-6A 2 Ckt DTMF Line Card
DPC-10A 4 Ckt Rotary Line Card
DPC-6A 2 Ckt Rotary Line Card
LC-10A 8 Ckt Station Card
LC-10B 8 Ckt Station Card
WCO-10A Data Entry Card
MK-6A Standard Telephone
MK-6B Standard Telephone
MK-6A-HF Hands-free Telephone
MK-6B-HF Hands-free Telephone
MK-6A-DSS Standard Telephone w/DSS
MK-6B-DSS Standard Telephone w/DSS

Reliant 32
MK-10A Key Service Unit
PS-10A Power Supply
DC/DC Converter
CPU-10B Central Processor
MISC-10A Miscellaneous Card
MFC-10A 4 Ckt DTMF Line Card
DPC-10A 4 Ckt Rotary Line Card
LC-10A 8 Ckt Station Card
LC-10B 8 Ckt Station Card
MOH-10A Music On Hold Card
PAGE-10A External Paging Card
MK-10A Standard Telephone
MK-10B Standard Telephone
MK-10A-HF Hands-free Telephone
MK-10B-HF Hands-free Telephone
MK-10A-DSS Standard Telephone w/DSS
MK-10B-DSS Standard Telephone w/DSS
MK-10A Executive Telephone
MK_10B Executive Telephone
MK-10A-DSS DSS/BLF Console
MK-10B-DSS DSS/BLF Console

Reliant 50
EM-50 Key Service Unit
PS-50A-BB Power Supply w/bat BU
CPU-50 Central Processor
CPU-50B Central Processor
DTRU-50 Data Transmission Card
TNU-50 Tone/ICM/MOH Card
SWUA-50 16 Ckt ICM Matrix Card
8KTLU-50 8 Ckt Station Card
4KTLU-50 4 Ckt Station Card
HFUA-50 2 Ckt ICM HF Answerback
MFSU-50 2 Ckt DTMF Sender
MFCOU-50 4 Ckt DTMF Line Card
DPCOU-50 4 Ckt Rotary Line Card
8STLU-50 8 Ckt SLT Station Card
RGU-50 Ring Generator
MFRUA-50 3 Ckt DTMF Receiver Card
EM-50S-A Standard Phone
EM-50S-B Standard Phone
EM-50D-A HF Display Phone
EM-50D-B HF Display Phone
EM-50F Single Line Feature Phone
EM-50-DSS Console

Winn Digital 24/36/100
CPU-R1 CPU Release 1 100
CPU-R3 CPU Release 3 100
BSC-100D Basic Service Unit
PEC-100D Expansion Service Unit
POW-AB Power Supply
MK-36D Basic Service Cabinet
ULC-D Universal Line Card
2DKTL 2 Station Expansion
2SLT 2 SLT Expansion
4COT-R 4 CO Expansion
8COT 8 CO Interface
8DKTL 8 Station Interface
8SLT 8 SLT Interface
EPI Expansion Cabinet Interface
UOC-1 Sub Mother Board
8 Button Standard Phone
16 Button Standard Speakerphone
16 Button Display Speakerphone
16 Button Executive Display Phone
16 Button DSS Display Phone
DSS/BLF Console