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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Solutions: ERP

Below are some key benefits to utilizing the ERP program.

  • Immediate cost savings on deploying your own equipment
  • No monthly cost to maintain your inventory
  • Your equipment is available to your entire footprint
  • You only pay for what you use
  • We can find buyers for your old equipment to generate revenue for you
  • We can dispose of your equipment following EPA guidelines
  • Customize reporting
  • Web access to your inventory

Equipment Redeployment Program

(ERP) Equipment Re-deployment Program

In today's volatile market and corporate IT departments working to save money. Re-deployment of existing corporate assests helps companies to protect their current investment while migrating to future technologies. By utilizing ERP, companies can save big by having their equipment managed and redeployed as necessary by ACSI.

American Communications Supply Inc. has a unique approach to cost savings and revenue return over any other competitor using similar models of ERP processes. With our program there is little startup cost and it's flexible- allowing you organize and properly manage and maintain your communications and IT assets while allowing you to refresh your infrastructure as you evolve towards new technologies and devices.

No more guessing if the equipment sitting in closets or under the desk is good or bad. We guarantee items are tested, repaired, refurbished and fully functional prior to the redeployment and we warranty our work for 1-Year.

By allowing ACSI to warehouse and manage your communications equipment and its distribution to your facilities you enable your IT department or telecom team to focus on more meaningful tasks. Companies participating in this program not only save by redeploying commonly used equipment but our customers have noticed a reduction in their shrinkage due to having the equipment properly managed by single vendor, at one location.

Contact Us today and let us set up some meetings to discuss what your current technology needs are and where you want them to be in the future. We want to be more than just a vendor we want to be a partner in helping your business move into the next generation of technology while saving time and money in the process.