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American Communications Supply, Inc. - Solutions: Product Repairs

American Communications Supply Equipment Repair

Telecom Equipment Repair

Repair and Refurbishing communications equipment is what we do best. We turn your old, defective, damaged, or yellowed phones back to like new conditions, with warranty! Our facility says a lot about our capabilities: our technical lab has over 80 different working systems (from the very old to the most innovative), the bench area for repair and testing can produce hundreds of pieces in a single day, our paint shop utilizes top notch technology to produce a fine new finish to the product, and packaging and shipping insures goods are packaged complete and labeled before being redeployed. For 30+ years we've been repairing phones and telephone equipment back to like new condition for our clients. We produce a top quality product and would like invite you to try our repair services or one of our asset protection programs. We will not disappoint you!

All equipment goes through the following procedures- at minimum:

  • Functionality Test
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair by Certified Technicians
  • Refinishing of Plastic (Housings, Handset, Stand)
  • Testing by Technical Engineers
  • New Cords (Handset & Line)
  • New Literature (LIT) Pack and buttons
  • Individually Boxed and Labeled
  • 1-Year Warranty


ACSI has one of the most unique and diverse Repair Facilities in North America:
Since inception, in 1980, we've been purchasing phone systems and equipment from each manufacturer we sell and support, for our lab. Over the years we've built a huge technical center with working systems from many of today’s technology leaders. This process has allowed ACSI to support a wide variety of systems and equipment from many manufacturers- regardless of a products lifecycle. We also have a huge inventory of communications equipment, accessories, and components to guarantee prompt repair service and access to parts. Our experienced team of technical engineers is skilled and highly trained on a diverse set of products to support an even broader set of customer needs.


Avay Repairs

Azusi Repairs

Eagle 1 Phone Repairs

Executone Repairs

Extrom Repairs

Intertel Repairs

Iwatsu Repairs

Macrotel Repairs

Mitel Repairs

NEC Repairs

Nitsuko Repairs

Nortel, Nortel Communications, Northern Telecom Repairs

Northcom Repairs

Panasonic Repairs

Samsung Phone Repairs

Southwestern Bell

Telrad Repairs

TIE Repairs

Toshiba Repairs

Trillium Phone Repairs

Vertical-Comdial Repairs

Vodavi Repairs

Walker / WIN Communications Repairs

Cisco Repairs